Margo's Neroli Blossom Sea Salt Scrub SSS-N B-12

Margo's Neroli Blossom Sea Salt Scrub SSS-N B-12

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This is the best Sea Salt Scrub in the World!

It is made specifically with only 3 ingredients and no binders or fillers.


Ancient Sea Salts from Ancient Lake Bonneville up in Utah where people race on the Salt Flats.

Jojoba Oil. This is the best oil to use on your skin. It penetrates the skin better than any other oil. It is extremely hydrating to dry skin and balances out oily skin. It will penetrate down into your skin providing an anti-oxidant moisture barrier on your skin for up to 8 hours, keeping pollution and free radicals out and keeping moisture in.

The Fragrance: The lovely fragrance of Neroli which makes you feel uplifted yet relaxed. The most addicting fragrance ever! This Neroli is a synthetic Neroli, essential oil of Neroli can be toxic when exposed to a large area of the skin.

Because the fragrance of Neroli reminds people of a fresh day in California or Florida, each scrub comes with a seashell for mixing and scooping that is inside the product.