Clo Fortuna Balconette Demi FT2050

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Fortuna Balconet Bra


Fully adjustable straps that have a convertible crisscross feature that gives you enhanced support. Delicate scalloped lace neckline that you’ll want to show off that doesn’t dig or squeeze. Anchors, the band with side stays that frame the wire for better control and no bulging. Soft, stretchy, high-quality jacquartronic lace made in the French tradition on really expensive European machines.

Stretch lace combined with soft tulle lining enhance support and coverage without that padded armor look. Finished with a beautiful semi-precious stone that symbolizes harmony and our connection to the planet.

We treat all our sewers and third-party manufacturers fairly and don’t look to squeeze every last penny out of our labor. We package our pieces in bulk to minimize single-use plastic and reuse shipping materials.